2 Brothers

my life may suck now but yesterday it was perfect.

I may be stupid for doing what i did.

Some people may consider me a slut

I don't know what i am but i wouldn't say that. 

This may make me change my life around.

I may have made a stupid ass mistake again

But i have to be truthful to myself and say yesterday was one of the best days of my life

I am normally not truthful. 

Because i don't want to show how broken i am inside.

What i did may have made me over my head with questions and unanswered things but i did it for me. (In a way)

I may hurt people everyday but all i'm really doing is screwing up my life even more.

I have friends that i love so much <3 they have my back for everything but i only told 2 of them about this.

I don't know why i didn't tell all of them but i guess i just trust Rikki and Dana the most. 

So i thank you guys. FOR EVERYTHING!!!

The End

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