Worthy of Praise

It's a song, read it, you'll like it then go and shake a can a pop and give it to someone you don't like


I don’t just want you

If you want words…

Than I’d have to say I need you

But not for the reasons you think

You’re the kindest, gentlest soul I know

If I hang around long enough maybe It’ll rub off on me

Either way I’ll never lose

Not with by my side




One thing I can always guarantee is always knowing what I think

I never hold back

So you know without a doubt this is true

You are so worthy of praise

So worthy of praise

Making it so hard to deny

Or play hard to get


I use to want love that banished my faults

But I see now it’s all a grow up fairy tale

You put a crown on my head anyway

I steady myself and try  to keep it on

And you say” don’t bother, just

be my little domino”




Some scars I can not hide

It’s in my language

In my behavior

My big secrets revealed

But you make me feel brand new

Instead of second hand

And worst of all I’m starting to think that way



The End

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