Why I Hate Writing (About My Hiatus)Mature


            I’ve decided to make this my final post in the collab with myself and Thefutureisbright, if only to explain my hiatus from writing.  As you can tell by the title, I hate it.  Why?  (Please note, this is only about my experiences and is not attacking anyone or the site in particular)

When I started writing, I used to write fifteen pages a night.  Now I’m lucky if I get two a month.  Joining this site has exposed me to many great people who I consider my friends.  It has also introduced me to the most bizarre people, who also happen to despise me.  For every page that I see someone post, say for example EmmaRoze, or TheFutureisBright, either someone criticizes someone for using no rhyme or, something so minuscule it’s laughable, or and this is the one that gets me, nobody comments.  Do you know how many stories/poems are lost simply because nobody cared enough to comment?   My longest work, with 29 pages, with TheFutureisbright, has 39 comments, and 12,665 views.


Let that sink in for just a minute.  29 pages, 12,665 views, and 39 comments.  Ok so people aren’t commenting, that’s fine by me.  That doesn’t bother me.  What does is that a lot of writers are getting ignored because somebody isn’t saying how they feel about a work.  When people aren’t getting read, some of em quit.  My friend was on here for like a week, well, he left because even though he was rated 5 stars on his poem, nobody was commenting.  This is a major problem for me as a writer.  Sadly if people are not commenting, I don’t find a reason to continue writing.


I like communicating with people.  That to me is more enjoyable than writing.  Why? Well, there’s an actual connection that happens when I speak to people.  This site for me, sadly pushes me to write when I’m not ready, and angers me when I see everyone writing pages.  I fully understand that this is a writing site and I should ignore everyone else who is writing, but this is a major reason I can’t bring myself to write. I’m fighting the urge daily to just completely stop coming on here because I can’t keep up with a lot of you.  It makes me as a writer feel inferior to you, even if I don’t read what you’re writing.  Seeing people post five pages a day when I can’t post one a month angers me, and literally makes me second guess myself.


This isn’t a rant about the authors on here, or Protag as a whole, but it is an explanation about why I’m not writing.


I posted the autobiography the first time, and was criticized for having no plot.

I’ve posted poems where people have called me an asshole because I don’t know where they come from or why I wrote what I did.  Some of my fans dislike my personality off Protag, and that’s fine but it bothers me.

 I've changed my mind about leaving, because I can't let go of this site, but I don't know when I'm posting.

The End

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