Here LiesMature

You created a wall with all you withheld

The heart of truth does not belong to you

You returned to my life, and tried to deny that scars from youth are bound to bruise

Rejection in line with the path chose

Redemption comes blind from the core of your soul.


I cannot hide my heart from the demons within

And hold tight to lies that will soon consume all the love I held for her deep dark sin

I am driven by spirits who lost hope and gave in

Bring me peace, forfeit my beast, and bring me to life


So you went in my house whispering “I’ll never leave”

I am above the thorns in the rose

My nightmares are coming home

Here lies the wall you created tall


I’m not good enough

Not good at all.


You created this wall and let me fall


So don’t try to say

That you loved all of me

So don’t try to say

That you wanted all we could be


Here lies the hope you murdered

Here lies the pain I endured

At bottom of the pit of her lies


Love shattered in the coldest of winds

The End

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