My Four Friends (Plus One)Mature

I have four friends plus one

One that never ends

Two I’ve never met

The other two are too good to be true


I have four friends plus one


And I doubt

Myself daily

These poems and stories

The ideas that consume and revive what I lost


The whole meaning of the word “writer” escapes me


For I was never told, “You are a good writer.”

I was told “You need to write better.  You need to try harder.  You need to –“





I have four friends plus one


Tonight, I thought about leaving my poetry, my stories and my friends

Everything is fading slowly, like the ambitions of a dreamer

I could never take my life, but I always consider destroying my soul


The soul, although whole, can be pained more than the body

Cut into pieces, stitched together and may be rotting

But my four friends plus one, keep my blood clotting, figuratively

To stop my spirit from wounding

Keeping me from drowning


I have four friends, plus one

And all who believe, they as well are with me

See there is more to this life than your own

But you matter too, so pick yourself up


We’ll help you get home.

The End

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