Empty glass and sonnets
romantic expression to the boy across the road,
with the auburn mane and dusky eyes,
romanticize the sunset and lakes and rivers,
waxing poetic
for 15 pages
about the way your lovers back ripples in that certain way,
when he’s hunched over his work at 2 in the morning with coffee in hand,
with eyes half closed.

Personification of splendorous beauty
sprawling adjectives and dainty verbs
your lover is not the sun
and you are not the helpless earth

And then he entered your life,
or she left,
or it happened,
and you grew up
and out
into something more abstract.

Write about the men
who enter your body
but more importantly, the men
who enter your mind
and leave it pregnant
with thought and feeling so alien
and so lovely
it suffocates the memory of the men
who left your brain diseased.

Write about the day your mother left you cold,
on the side of the road without a key,
while she drank her hatred away in honey’d liquid
with beasts who bite

Write about the day your best friend died,
the day your world collapsed
and how you cannot hear her name without exploding into
a sodden mess on the bathroom floor
but do not forget to write about the day you spent
three years ago
with said friend
pouring washing up liquid into the fountain in your school courtyard
and how you nearly vomited from laughter.

mental masturbation,
the feeling is raw and true
and the sonnets about the boy you’ve never met
get left in the corner collecting dust
Remember where you came from but
like the phoenix
rise above.

The End

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