For The Seven MusesMature

I love a stranger online

So where is the danger in that?

I Google her pictures and find myself in the year 2001 sometime

Looking up images of cats

And I imagine we walk in tandem to the local café for a spat

And sit and discuss life, love, and the adoration of pickles

Simple yes but why not embrace strangeness when you love a stranger for not being fickle.


I’d like to go visit her if I could

I would suffer through the TSA

I’m looking forward to being tormented by the in-flight stewardess

Who has to tell the teenage lovebirds macking in the corner,

“Hey! No PDA!”


This concept of new love in the digital age, I find rather interesting

How you grow so attracted to an image that arrests you, on a medium that could easily lock you in a cage

You browse wildly, trying to find out more about a person who had no idea that -insert your name here- existed, and that you only make the minimum wage!

The muse interrupts for this PSA

No rhyme, no meter,

It just wants to say


“I am here, alive and breathing.  26 and barely alive, but thanks to a few kindred souls on the rose red path who had a heretics heart like mine, I am still waxing faux poetic, creating life I’ve never experienced except through the eyes of the stranger.  I want to hate myself, for never loving someone in my area, but how can I when the entire area tells me I’m a dreamer who imagines things that aren’t there?  Is that childish, to hate the fact that the schoolteachers have always dreaded getting my paper because it means they have to translate my English into their own decipherable text?”


I am hopelessly, dangerously in love with reality

And I am ashamed to be because you are me

We are altogether useless cogs in the machine of society

Don’t lie to me

We don’t try to be, but they run us, (and often do ruin us) with impropriety


This one is for Rachel, Dasha, Anna, Sorcha, Maria, Ashley and Emma

Seven very different muses who put mine in quite a dilemma

For it wants to compose for you all equally

Smile girls, this heretic heart writes for you with glee,

The beautiful ones for whom fate smiles upon

Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with thee

The End

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