Listen when the prophetess speaks

Silent but deadly are the verses unheard

All the stars are aligned

So I shall follow her cue


“Come to me”


This deep inner pain

You expressed it all

Sorrow and regret

Reborn in your soul


We sit face to face upon the beach entitled Inner Pain

Surrounded by flecks of dust and grime

And I absorb within me, her beauty

She is a woman lost within doubt, a poet of the future


And she tells me what she has written

And we discourse about quantum time

Language and form, emotion and grace


She smiles at me, tells me that I am on the path

I doubt her, yet believe every word with eager longing


So many times in the past 11 months I have wanted to pack my bags, go back to my mental prison

Just throw away the dream,

As my dead family cries out “No!, No! No!”


For her, and for you, dear reader

I let the shadows consume my flesh

Writing furiously, not caring for adoration

Lies of the self, attack my heart


I don’t want to become famous, just live for adventure

Sleep on a few couches of loving strangers I affect with my art

I want to leap off a mountain so that you can catch me

Yes you, the one stealing my words in your time compressor called a brain


I want you to catch me.


Let me be the shadow upon the moon of popularity

The penumbra upon your fame

In a last moment of hope

I find my muse and grab it


Fusion complete, a lost idea in the maelstrom

Reignited like a phoenix

I rise

The End

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