An Announcement (Not A Poem or Story)Mature

I have always been fascinated by the writing process.  I’m always curious about new things, and trying something different.  So I have come up with this insane plan, and I hope somebody actually does follow through with it.


A number of authors here are quite amazing, hell most if not all of you are, but I have always seen the lack of engagement with the reader to be a flaw.  So, if you’d like, I’m going to be spending (hopefully) 24 hours from Saturday night (around 6 EST the 14th) to Christmas day, typing up stories, and reading them on the fly on webcam in a chatroom on and if anyone shows up we’ll chat and maybe you’ll get to hear some of my unpublished stuff!


Or maybe I’ll be the only person in the room! Either way, leave me a message so I know youll be showing up!


Again, I shall be writing up stories and you are more than welcome to come see!  It’ll be fun, I hope.

The room: 

(Authors Note December 22nd 2013 Update: I am in the room as you read this so please stop by if you want.)

The End

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