Lets Get The Argument Out of The Way DarlingMature

I’ve fallen in love

But I hate love

And I hate who I am

So why would you love me!


Don’t you see that I’m a broken soul that fell deep

Loved deep

Consumed deep in the emotion ocean


I hate you

Love you

Hate you


Life is beautiful

If you hate it enough

To know that







Love (a dirty word for a dirty world)


Hold close your heart dear for I shall ruin it

Then you’ll find a million things wrong with me

So let me do it for you and save the arguing


I have neither job nor a house of my own,

I live with my parents all alone,

I’m a English major entering another career that I hate

And I am an ant in a volcano, burning up with cut open chest exposed

Dark heart beating slow

Mysterious Puppet-mistress lost in time

I get up to see all your tweets and I know

You’ll hate me when I love you!

Hate me when I love you!


I’m a great poet but all my ideas are cliché-chaotic

Attacking my thoughts and leaving me retarded

Words are great but they can’t hold you

That’s why I’m alone here, I’m alone here!


I love you but you’re gonna hate me

So why don’t you leave me

I’m not meant for dating

I go into the night like a ghost in the fog

And love the soul of all that is unknown

Join me on the journey

For I'm a devil who may care

Walk through hell with me if you dare.

The End

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