The Only Advice I Can Give YouMature

I’m a 26 year old man who hates everything about daily living.  I hate the fact that I have so much energy that I must do something, or try to sleep it off like I was drunk.  My lack of creative output has created this Christmas present to you, dear reader.  The truth of the matter is, I don’t do collabs.  The majority of them have fallen flat, due to lack of interest on one side.  That, or creative differences made collabing a distant goal.  This is why this particular collab has no structure.  We, Thefutureisbright and I, are two dead muses, two people who hate writing because of English’s structure. 


Chapter 1 – Introduction, 2 – Plot.  This bores me.  Outlining destroys my creativity.  When I was writing Christabel Mordsa, I started writing about pie in Chapter 6.  Now, granted my stories are long, rambling, and you actually need to read them, but, I started to believe if I did an entire chapter on flavors of pie that people would enjoy it.  So Christabel took a hiatus as I focused entirely on a career path I hated.  I enjoy the idea of it, but the work of it annoys me.


“Do what you love and then it won’t seem like work”  That is the worst advice I’ve ever received, not because it is false, but because finding a job I love that pays money is the most difficult task I’ve ever had to deal with.  So here I am, writing on a site about writing, telling you I despise writing in a collab of randomness.


I love what I hate, and this scares me.  I’m in a career path I don’t care about so that I can do things I want to do outside of it.  And I also know that if any of this ever got out to an employer, I’d likely be fired, maybe.


So here’s my advice to the struggling poet, or author.  Do what you hate if you must, so that you can support what you love.  Write anything that comes to mind.  I like jellybeans, for example.


I love that I can say “I love jellybeans!”  I didn’t want to create a new story or poem on jellybeans, I just wanted to say that I liked them! So I did!


Creative chaos fuels the mind.  You are reading the equivalent of random thoughts.  You are going on a journey with me, to the oddities of the mind.


I may hate that my job is going to be interesting and yet boring but I have a future in mind that I will be using the money for.


That’s worth it, I think.  Isn’t it?


If I can do what I love outside of the job, then it might be alright.


Follow your dreams, but do something so you can.


That’s the only advice I can give you.

The End

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