An Excerpt From a Letter to a Young GirlMature

The life of a young adult in this age of ignorance is difficult.  Shamelessly, we are thrown into a world we lack comprehension of and are told to just deal with it by those who made us, who also do not understand the world.


This is understandable to a point.  We all struggle deep down with a feeling that one cannot describe except for the beating thing in our chests, called a heart and the thing it supposedly produces other than the vital fluid we call blood.  This unknown, indescribable thing, is a force unlike anything else.  It guided men to war, to fight for someone else on a battlefield of corpses.







The word has so many meanings to the soul, but not one is adequately defined.  Nor is the emotion the same for every soul.  The idea that one can feel love in the same way is insane.  The image of the unnatural is a representation of our fears.  Wherever we are, in a broad sense, is wherever we believe ourselves to be.  The adult in us, that soul eater, tells us we cannot love with a pure heart, while the child begs us to do so.  The same could be said for God.  The pathway to enlightenment, the supplement to life in a sense, could be brought together by the unnatural, the act of the magical.  The natural world is amazing, yet the adult in us states otherwise.


So we brood and sulk in the meat packaging we call the body, without knowing who assembled us.  We even doubt His existence, but that is only because we cannot see Him.  We know the creation of life is unseen, but it occurs, so why do we doubt other unseen things such as the one who assembled us?


Modern attempts of belief are stunningly inadequate and hysterical in nature.  Go to a church, and we expect a man who we do not know, to know what God has told us to do.  The simplicity of the religion has been complicated by men who believe it could not be as easy as it is.  This is a fault of our experience.  We have tied the lines of communication so tightly that we believe only one person, the pastor, we call Father, insert first name here, knows us!  That is bizarre to me, as it is to you because it blocks the message of God.


Bored men create chaos, and so the devil creates boredom to stop our development. 


This concept is the simplest I can divulge to you.  Boredom is the Devil attempting to suck your life away.  He is waiting for that moment of departure of the muse, so he can force you to sleep and forget the brilliance inside of you.  Stay strong Christabel.


I love you, child.




Lemar De Leliocounti.

The End

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