Dear Sir/MadamMature

That's right.
You, with the eyes.
The one with the nose-  right there! Above your mouth, Yeah -

that's the one.

it's closed, right?
Yeah - I thought so.
You feeling okay?
You look awful tired.

Getting enough sleep?
     or is your brain too loud?

Do they let you dream, friend?
do they let you dream of towers and spirals and rolling fields of yellow,
oats soaked in vanilla and bathing in buttermilk?

Do they let you breathe?
Do your lungs work, friend?



You're living.
perhaps not, but living.

Are they kind to you, dear?
Showered with compliments?
Notice your new shoes? Haircut? New freckle on your back? 
Are they fair? Are they kind?

or are you hiding?
silence with clear liquid, (no, it's not water!) and those tiny sweets you got from the doctor.
They are sweets, right?

Are you running, friend?
Are you slacking? Are you panting, worn out, so so 
Like I said,
you look awful tired, tonight.

Run as fast as you like,
they're coming.

They come from the slobbering darkness,
have you got your torch, friend?


they can see in the dark.

The End

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