Hello My Ex-EverythingMature

Hello my ex everything

How are ya doin

Why Yes I’m quite alright with still doing nothing

And maybe I don’t know how to set an alarm but I’m in love with reality

Where I’m desired for my writing

And not for my earnings


Hello my ex everything

Saw your dogs' Facebook

That’s really stupid though

And kind of terrifying to see the poor thing in antlers and posting statuses like

“Miss my owners hands”


And you call me weird darling

Glad you’re my ex everything!


Hello my ex everything

Are you still lovely?

Helplessly lonely and on your twentieth

“Friend”? Since they can’t seem to stay very long to include the sex-suffix

Don’t worry someone still loves you

You need to update her Facebook though!


I spent way too much time

Trying to love you completely

Now I’m just glad to have so much time

Devoting my life to forget you


So with these last few lines

I cast the bad dreams and beautiful memories

Love that bled at the seams

And wasted college memories

And all that makes me say


I love you.

The End

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