Therein Lies Her BeautyMature

“Led to the river on a midsummer day

I guided the Heretic out to see the water cascade

And all through that lost month in embers embrace

With path already premade

I took a chance only reserved for martyred ones


Consumed by your grace I’m a poet without a name

And would you ever come to love one like me

For once upon a time I saw your agony entwined in your loneliness

And sought with my heart to find a solution to all your pain.”


Therein lies her beauty cold yet unashamed

The ghost of my dreams cascaded in inferno

So I sought with wild clamor to find my Rosetta

Translate the location

England? Indiana? Where be my ghost of nightshade?

Flying lavender petals give way a hidden natural beauty, glimpsed in the bay


And the future seems so bright with the prior fate fantastic scorched like a useless paperback

Gigantic words to the heretical hideous heart plaster themselves like an autograph

Upon the beating canvass others have trespassed

A lamented tormented soul consoled by stories of an ancient neverland

She cries out for those who love her to understand

Her love of words and ideas spur the best in my mind


Muse of creation coerced to cohabitation with the beauty that co-resides within the lair of her vast thought orgiastic mind.

The lamentations of her could write themselves with bitter lines that inhabit the grey new Earth!


Through dream within dream, she finds vastly ghastly furtive truths

Traversing through fields of desolation and trapped within her youth

As the darkness envelops the crescent moon she screams

“I love you come here soon!”

Addicted to movies and yet fascinated by new drugs and experiences, the sloth person dreams of a day where things matter

Where poetry speaks to the soul and isn’t lost to the daylight of bitter creators called Mum and Dad.


We love you but we hate your restrictions

The doubt you cave us in with grows to flood the things you call thoughts

Whispers call us to become more than you, dear family, though you do not see

I am to you as you are to me.

Left in memories.


I don’t want to be famous

Simply loved for the words spewed like the ink on this paper

Read by a person I adore, who loves the dictionary of my prismatic thought palace


If you expect me to love you

You ought to know me better

I cannot be you, nor what I want to be

I can only be me, now as I am, not as I was

Insatiable that my mind may be, I am defeated by vanity of ability


I love those who hate me too much

And yet I cannot see why you’d love me


All the pain you cause others will come back to hurt you

All that your ignorance smothers will cloud your judgment and kill you

Just remember Karma will come back and spew the venom you thought that no one knew

The viper strikes, the only question is:

Is it me or you?


So I’ll take the violin of my verse and paint the stars with love

Drown in symphonies you write for my heart

We hold ourselves so high to others

But sing tragedies hidden in comforters when they black out the light


Mockingbird fly and bring forth the bitter rain

Heretic hearts call out for the sane

And we too, with bitter hearts rise to greet the day


Therein lies her beauty

Crying face down on simplistic sheets with manufactured patterns

Dreaming, fantasizing over Gaiman, Pratchett, Wilde and Wolfe

Reading with muse barely breathing


There’s no knight here, nor angel that brings the light

In this moment, I find eternity

Lost, in the land of teardrops, comes the bitter truth

Agony reflected by the heart, is heavenly

This moment is eternity


I love the agony

Muse of creation, flies to meet my pen

For Agony reflected by the heart is heavenly


And I want to spend that eternity, with you

Therein lies your beauty.

The End

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