An Introduction (AKA Why You're Going To Hate This)Mature

What happens when two writers who hate their own work, write anything? I don't know but please hate this so we can stop!

                All writers hate writing.  Now don’t get me wrong.  We enjoy the art of creation, the thrill of being able to create entire worlds.  A beautiful marvelous cup of coffee!  Yes, caffeine sustains the most of us.  Lets face it.  We all hate the 2 am muse sessions.

                “THE HIDEOUS HERETIC HEART!”

“Would you please shut up! Bloody hell! I’m trying to sleep here!”

“NOT UNTIL YOU WRITE THE PHRASE ‘The Hideous Heretic Heart!”

“Ugh! Okay okay!  But no one is going to like it!”

Fast forward and “The Hideous Heretic Heart” is the one work I do with the most outreach on this site.  Still, writers tend to under emphasize the point that writing is a challenge. 

TheFutureIsBright is one of the best writers I’ve ever seen.  Her works are challengingly complex, dark and brooding.  My work for the most part, is inspired by hers.  So when the idea of a collab came up well:

We both hated the idea because it meant we had to write!  So this idea was born in my head.  We’re going to write SOMETHING!  It might be the greatest piece of poetry ever, or Doctor Who fanfiction, or even (more likely) a dissertation on tacos and java and how the two would be a wonderful lunch.    Or maybe how we’re doing.  Or perhaps we’ll tell you recipes! I don’t know and that’s the exciting thing! 

In essence, this is a collab from two writers who hate writing!  So if we rant and rave over salad dressing, don’t be shocked.  If we talk about our love lives, Dalek poetry, chocolate sauce on chocolate ice cream, please do not be alarmed.  Yes this is a collab.  Is a collab one day about Doctor Who, and the next about turkey, going to be interesting?  Sure, I think.

So jump into the Tardis, strap yourself in, and hope we don’t get bored and stop posting!

It’s going to be fun.

The End

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