Dear SelfMature

You are stupid.  Ugly.  No one will remember you.  No one even looks at you.  You will never be first.  You have been condemned to a life in the shadows.  There is always, always someone better.  

You see it, don't you?  You keep trying to ignore it by placing a smile on your face everyday.  Laughing.  But your eyes and heart are working in a conspiracy against you.  Your eyes seek out that which you don't have and your heart blames you for not having it.

Why aren't you that talented?  You might be able to work up to something comparable, but you won't; you're just too lazy.  

See how everyone loves her.  You want to be her don't you?  But instead... you're, well... you.

And what's this deal with being a Christian?  You don't deserve that title.  You low-lying scum.  You are one of the world's best hypocrites.  You don't deserve His love, how could you?  You call yourself a follower by day but look what you do under cover of darkness.  You.  Are.  Not.  Worth.  Anything.


Your Inner Demons

The End

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