To You Who Waits in the ShadowMature

Stop it.  Right now.  Stop comparing yourself to her.  She may stand out more but that does not mean that she is better than you.  You shine just as bright as she does.  Still, you are left in her shadow.  

I know what it feels like.  God knows I know.  And I can tell you that that kind of thinking won't get you anywhere.  You feel incompetent, second-best.  Your moment will come and when it does.... it will be worth it.

You put on a happy face and you smile.  But I can see the glimmer of something there.  Jealousy?  Envy?  Don't waste your energy on it, honey.  Stand strong in who you are.  There is no one else like you; so stop trying to be like her.  

You are perfect the way you are.

The End

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