To the One Blinded by 'Love'Mature

Can't you see it?  She's entangling you in lies; she has you wrapped around her fingers.  And you don't realize it!  Is she really that compelling that you would do anything for her?  Anything to defend her.... anything to keep her?

You deserve so much better.  

Yet, you've fallen prey.  Nearly everyone has.  I nearly did.  Until I opened my eyes and saw the truth.  

She says she loves you.  Her lips cover you in kisses.  Is that all it takes for you to go willingly into her lair?  

She will destroy you.  You, the sweet, innocent, naive, blue-eyed boy.  She's controlling you and you let her!  When you're together, no one else exists.  I'm not even sure she loves you!  I've heard her say some things.  Remember that talent show?  She didn't want to be there to support you; she felt as though she'd already done enough.

You have so much potential.  I worry about your future.  Do you know how much I worry?  How much I wish that you weren't with her?  

I know it's not my place to break you two up; I wouldn't even know how to go about it.  But, if you don't get out now... you never will.  

Open your eyes, please!  See her for what she is!  Please.



The End

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