Anger management

There is Paul in my life now.

I have changed jobs and I no longer look at the mirror and see this angry ,violated child all the time.

I see a caracter of self worth and an individual who has faith in God,and somebody who isn`t afraid to say out loud that aldough her childhood was very ugly and simply scary sometimes,she today enjoys fully her own sexuallity.

Paul makes me feel free to be myself and I have found that my true self goes from being very close to myself and not to gain love from others.

I always linked self worth and friendship with doing everything for others and I was always afraid that they would love me less if I somehow said no to them,today,I say no to all,apart from those who make the most ultimely effort to see me for me,like me or don`t,my time is my own,not yours,so F""""" off and do it yourselfs.


The End

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