Snow patrol "Run",is the background soundtrack for an inferno that surronds my soul.

I am in so much anger it is unbelievable.I need an outlet  for  this fisical evidence of the aftermath of confessions,whatever brought that up,should really kept it quiet,now i can`t sleep.

Well done once again.

In the song,he says."..Louder,louder...raise dough your voice and make yourself heard..."

Even the song is appropriate.Sarcastic smiles to herself...

And so the fact I get out of bed,direct  my  hand to the control remote of the c.d player and in the minute it takes for the brain to process that yet again we are facing a new day,I realise..."Yes,you did write and post that for all to see..."And my eyes for once rest on the mirror on the bathroom,it reflects the sheer misery of a woman who faces me back,she can`t really understand why  I would speak about something so personal.But it is when   I rest my tired body in sheets of red silk,I really comprehend the full impact of what I have just done...

And it makes me shiver in disgust of what it is writen,not because of what it says,but because those I care for will read it and maybe see me diferently.

I guess some of you may think,if they are trully your friends it should not matter.The truth is it always thus,more when we are talking about love ones.

The only people that have the power to hurt  me are the ones I love,they are not many of them.

And know there is this out for them to read if they want.

God,I hope if they do I remain unchanged in their eyes.

Surely i haven`t asked much of You  through the years ?


The End

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