I can barely express this need to stop trying to talk to humans anymore,i really can`t.Why do people judge others by the way they talk so quicky ?And so hastly ?

Do i came across as crude, as a sexmaniac ?For real ?

Me,of all people?

You really,do not realise the damage you have caused.

You have no idea,maybe i can be very sarcastic without sensoring or editing what i write and yet i know what i say.

So,let me be very blunt once again,you all don`t know me, in writting or in real life,and trust me when i say,that my personal life is so private, you would not read it here,only my past not my present or future ambitions,unless they are where studying is councern,my heart and all that involves it, who i see or have in my private life is not here writen,it will never be.

It is private,but to have a comment described as mature, i have only this to say,well done,you have hurt me once again,i thank you all.



The End

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