So the year is almost over and i look back in wonder how could i have come so far in life ?

How did i went from being dead inside to fall in love again ?

 And i find the answer is here in this website when the time is rigth the answer will present itself .

So it is with some joy i say goodbye to a year that brought me Moon, and Sly and above all Kevin...

 This three have made my year , i lost three people this year and in return i have met you lot, so not bad.

 Only one problem, Moon and Sly are in Canada, Kev aldough in England no were near me, so ...

But i have to say of the all of them the person who as made an impression on me on a very personnal note is without a doubt  Sharon/ Moon. She believes in me without asking or knowing me, she just thus. How special is that ?

I know that for me it is very unsual, all that surrond me always want something in return, not her , she is just herself and a dear friend, so solitude is also to say thank you, to you Moon, you shine bright in my sky...

Solitude is about me and long showers in a mist of  surrender and feeling blue. Of looking at photos of us as a family and crying my eyes out. Of going to bed alone.

Solitude isn`t a word it is a state of mind.

I send this note to myself in hope that when i read it next year i have something good to add to it.

 So to you honey ,

   I have learn to love you


The End

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