In a place i  call home, Madeira , there is a place i love to be.

I will take you there today, keep it to yourself, it is private.

Music for this one , well i bring Michael Buble " lost", just because.


So not long ago only  eight years ago i was living still in this blessed island in the atlantic, i say blessed because the weather is very nice and the people are also... It is  a good place to live, and yet i feel more at home in England, sometimes i don`t see myself as a portuguese citizen at all... Anyhow, this place lets go there...

Of places i used to hide this is the One.

I take it with me everywhere i go , every single person has one and most make a healthy use of it , others don`t but the children are the ones that make the most of it, by now you should have realised i am talking of a thing not a place or a specific place in Madeira, sorry.

Well it is Imagination. Yeah you read it right, my favorite place at home is inside my own head where i can create safe harbours where i am not Me...

I still make use of it, as you can see.

Can i be honest ?

It kept me sane thru the years, thru all.

So to the fact that we human can dream and create and just exist, this chapter is to say thank you my mind, you have been a good friend...

The End

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