Nickelback on " Far away " just because the words are something i can relate to.

I guess this topic is about the fact that i started this chapter not long ago and today i realise how much is important to let some heavy stuff off your chest even if only in writing.

I walk in my mind thru the streets in my hometwon. They are empty in my mind. I like to walk alone.

The ocean is wild today i created some waves to shooth my mood. A very fould mood, i wish to create havoc amongst them all, and in my mind i do.

I am judge, jury, and i am their only salvation.

I am not merciful, i am out for revenge at least in my mind.

There is a cry in my mind for the child that was me that got raped on a daily basis ... I  cry loud and long i cry to the winds at least in my mind.

Today, here, i claim justice.

Words of no importance. I let the pain and sorrow wash away with the waves and i  cry.

I let every single tought of death go.

I am ok. The past can not hurt me. I am me.

The End

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