Song theme, something by Nat King Cole in " Unforgettable" in a writing of memories of a better period of my childhood .

 O f when i was in school. All my teachers the good ones , the horrible ones and the soon as i forget you the better for me ones, all of them shape a part of who i am today.

Being in an environment, that help me develop my reading and writing habits without being felt guilty was for me the beginning of a good period . In fact a great one.

I don`t think anyone can fully understand unless you have shared the same background as me, but being provided with food and clothes and a bed to sleep is not enough to raise a child.

There is so much more invested in the process of creating a human being i don`t even want to start. But this i will say, no one should think of getting a child in to the world if you are not prepare to love them formore, firstmore. Everything else necessary you can work for it , but love needs to be there from the beginning.

School was one of my hidden places.

The End

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