I am hearing , counting crowns in " colour blind" and i am out of balance.

Ask yourselfs in your life who trully matters ?

If you had a death setence on you and 1 hour to say to the one who matters , who would you seek out ?

As i said before i am out of balance, because my first tought is my sons, i would be with them to my last breath and they i think of you.

I stop and shake in my self, what about you ? I dont want to go without saying how much you where , are important to me nor can i say leave my sons, my very reason to still be here...

So i am out of balance and then i tought of this.

 I could write you this statement that i will leave here, and it will say everything i wish i had said in that hour.

I love you.

Start with the most important , work your way down, that is my motto. So way down it is. I shall miss you terribly, our talks, our laughters, our fights, just being together. I will miss looking in your face and see me reflecting there.

In a life that as give me very little, you; appart from the boys were the only reason i smiled. I go knowing that i have been trully blessed in having met you.

Now i shall spend the last few minutes in life with my sons telling them i will always be here, looking for them, always loving them, always present.

I am here my love.

As i write this final words the hour as come to an end. This is what i would have done. No longer out of balance...

The End

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