I always start with a song ,today i will not break the tendency. I give you maroon 5 in " she will be loved".

Listen to the lirics and came with me to an island not far from here(england),lets go home,my own.

The sky is constantly blue i am not stating it never rains ,no. What i mean is it does not last long and soon the sky is blue in all its glory. The sun shines and with it, evrything seems brighter,better.

There is poverty in my homeland, of course there is; and by being sunny it does not lighten the burden, it simply means that even here all is not perfect. Wich to be honest is it not expected ?

I guess we all know the problems it comes with poverty but it still makes me sad to see that happen. Children dont go to school, parents who loss their jobs, drunken stupors, violence, all is seen over and over again. It does not matter it is a vicious circle that can only be broken when people stop and realise the power to overcome their bad luck is in their own hands, if they ask for help.

The sky is blue for everyone for some it seems to shine brighter it is simply an ilusion , a light efect. It is up to us to make the most of it.

Of life.

The sun is equal to all.

The End

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