There is a song by a portuguese singer,name Lucia moniz " Sou como a noite ", that explain the dificult times one has when one attempts  their best and fails miserably. Relanshionships are always hard does not matter that the intentions start by being honourable, somehow on the way thru feelings get in the way and someone always gets hurt.

Do I have friends ? Today ?

A small number of 5. But they are there because i make the effort of not allowing the past to dictate my future moves. So i learn to thrust again , little by little and someday perhaps who knows i will be able to thrust easily? I dont see that happening but it is possible.

But the people that surrond me today there is one ,no longer present in  manchester full time he is in uni doing history abd geography, he is so awesome, honestly , for such a young man, my heart has learn to feel again...

His name is Nick, and he as a girlfriend so notting will came out of it and yet it is good to know that i am capable of falling in love because that is what i feel for you  Nick , besides you know i never hide it  and concerning the amount of times we have flirted i would say we both know were we stand.

My last haiku was for you and spending the last wednesday with you was so good! We are something else, cant seem to keep from touching , embracing and all fades away...

Friends are there because we make the effort because living is only worthed when you have love in it. We need human contact we crave it. I am glad we are friends, see you soon darling.

The End

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