The Ocean...

Robbie williams in a song that says it all :" Beyond the sea ", you may remenber because it is part of the soundtrack  for " finding nemo". Well i choose this song because it is about the sea i want to write and in particular the atlantic one ,since it is the one that surronds Madeira island.

Cold in the winter tepid in the summer. The water calls to me i always remenber of how much i wanted to be submerched in it all the time it was a safe blanket that provided confort and clean me.

With its sounds, the waves the bird calls the people swimming, the children laughing, all made for what i associate with the ocean, my father use to take me on fishing trips ( never really worked for him - because yours trully always returned the fishes to the sea),that ended with him promissing never to take me out again wish he promptly forgot the next time we headed out...

I learn to love the ocean because he did , it was something we shared, the love for open outdoors. I looked from the top of the cliff near our house ( in lido), and i would stay for long periods just watching the waves coming in , the tides change . I would simply be.

If you go north of the island the ocean is different more agitated,no one swimms in this waters (not unless you have a death wish! ),and the only sound coming in is when the waves strike the land in all its strength.

It has a life of its own and a specific sound. Like a heart beat. It is hard to explain but to me, the Ocean is part of who I am.

I guess i like water around me, it gives me a sense of peace and even today it is true,because i pass most of my free time in the bathtub submerse and searching for the ocean sounds...

The End

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