In a worls surronded by the uncertinity of what is most important , we fall short of keeping tabs on what really is. So i give you today my favorite tune since i was a little gir. Mr bethoven in " moonlight sonata ", and i will take you with me on a trip tho the church of my hometown, "SE", is a cathedral built in centre of the town as a reference to faith and to mark an era ( Miguel I ), that was obviously whealthy.

It is a place were i liked to seat even when not attending service,the doors are keept open until 8 in the evening and all are welcome.

The decor is quiet dark but comforting and the pews all in order to the altar speak of organization even in faith...

There this amazing chandeliers hanged in a row from the centre aisle to the altar and the windows with their coloured glass telling the story of the 12 misteries...

I have spoken in previous chapters of places were i would seek refuge , this is another . Where i speak to my God, He who has been a constant presence in my life , a good listener, the best.

Sounds of praise is all about the feeling i get when i go inside any church. A  feeling of wellbeing ,of being taken in an embrace and being told " you are safe".

It i i guess the feeling one has when one is happy.

Beliving in something gratter has been part of who i am for as long as i can remenber , personnal feelings aside i thank my mother for that , the capacity to teach me that in life when things go wrong look for the silver lightning ,there is something you learn (something precious ), from everything that happens to us.

So i associate going to  church to my mum, they to me are connected.

A feeling of rightness.

The End

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