On the begining of the first chapter i did not think it thru about where this path would lead me, so going with the flow i bring to the mix, sounds of a beautiful voice,namely Michael buble and for our hears only "Thats life ".

Mine has been as colourful as yours i would imagine because we are all part of this project i like to call humanity, i call it a project because i always believe we can do better. We need to do better.

In words I travel thru every single conversation i had ( i wonder if i botter to count the words- how many would there be?),and remenber... What they ment.

I seat here writing others trying to give praise to one of the many ways to wich keeps me centred. But the words fail me.

How to express gratitude?

How to say thank you ?

How to say that without you i would fell empty inside ?

I dont know how to express those feelings in ink, so i rather say it my way, like this...

One day not long ago a child of the female gender was born ,through out her life she would have a faithful friend always with her ,never failing. Her best friend in fact, today she pay her dues  to That the writen words, my true home.

Thank you.


                    Carla  Freitas

The End

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