I am currently listenning to " If i were a boy" by Beyonce, and i guest for a better punch line it could not be more appropiate.

I am not one i know that much but most time i wish my parents would have tought of birth control, or at least discussed it prior to having so many children they clearly did not wanted.

Do i have dreams ?

Maybe. Do i still wish for something? Sometimes. But i am holder now and even when i wasnt i didn have a single dream appart from...


And that is not a dream.

So today i will start something i have never done before i will allow myself the possiblity to consider dreaming.

There is  a cemetry in the island in the town my father was born , where he is buried if you think about it that is my dreams rest.

On a green hill in a box with a corpse of the only person i ever loved from my family appart from my eldest sister, i am not suprised i dont dream...

 I guess if  i did i would give myself nightmares.

The End

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