This one will be a bit tricky so changing tunnes i bring a canandian man with me in "Dream" the singer mr Michael buble,it calms me,and provides with a coat of indeference for the people i am about to write.

So in no particular other or names there are 6 of ,me being the lastest arrival in the household, it started with a boy then a girl followed by another boy and another girl then a girl and then ,moi.

So now you know i have by birth 5 sibblings and speak to none of them in this time frame we are in (2008),the reasons why better left alone for now,but i have one person amongst this lot i feel compelled to talk about. She is me eldest sister and her name is Rosa(rose),she is as kind as she is pretty, and she was my mother figure ,for her I at one time would have laid myself in peril for, she was by best friend and because of circunstances in life (one of them beind my father),she left when i was 13 and with she took the laughther and my capacity to believe in goodness, later i would accept of why she had gone ,at the time it happen i was too angry, i think i refused to speak to her for a long time, only "answering" to her letters. It is only when you love someone they truly have the ability to hurt you, i learn to stop caring it hurt less...

After my father pass away she came home for a visit, we talked, it was never the same, how could it? I had moved beyond and no longer required a hug or a kind word, she looked sad, but that is what it was, today she has a daughther and a divorce to speak of and maybe today she deals with my fathers harshness a little diferent!! I know they all blame him for the violence existent in our home while we grew up, surely today that they can think back and reason, they realise it takes two to start an argumment...

I have not name the others i think i shall include in at a better and appropiate time and occasion,so not today,councerning Rosa i have not spoken to her in what seems like a life time, we have grown too apart and i no longer relate to her . Do i miss her? Maybe, but i know i will not seek her out, i have made my choice.

I will simple tell you this if today i am a mother; she thought me how to love and if i do; i have her to thank for , so there.

Farewell and i hope you are happy,sister.

The End

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