Well here i am again and i brought with me this time "turn me on " by none other than Norah jones, i am going to introduce you to someone who changed my views on what i expected of myself just by being a good listener.

So the year is when i was in 3 year at high school(at least that is what i think  you call it in britain), and i had a first glimpse of what was to be my teacher for portuguese class, my God, fresh out of uni and so green behind the ears, i think I was a challenge for him( i wonder if a good one?!!), he had ideals and maybe because he was only 23, that young, i think he was still very innocent (not necessaraly a bad thing,just uncommon), he decided to introduces to Richard Bach, and my life changed forever !!!

You have to understand this is not like any author i have had the pleasure to spend my hours with. This is man that flys and he takes you with him, how many of you ever had a dream of flying not confined in a aircraft ? Just flying !!! I can imagine the amount of raised hands by now, the title of the book , you may have guested is " Jonathan Livingston Seagull" i shall not spoiled for those who have not yet read it , go out and search for a copy i garantee you will not be disapointed.

I can tell you this much it speaks of a higher purpose ,to try achieve what is impossible, talks about what we are capable if  only we believe in ourselfs, it is basicly a message of  Hope...And endurance... It speaks to us all in diferent aspects because we are all diferent from each other ,yet the main message gets across nicely.

He provided that for me and to this day i never have forgotten his name: Pedro Reis, thank you.

So breathing is me geting to school the day after i had finish reading my copy, and it dawn on my that early in life.

" This is not where you are meant to be..." There was a world out there and i could be anyone i wanted...

The End

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