As a setting there is always a background sound so because her voice is so dear to me, lets keep in Norah jones with "What am i to you " , it will mix very well with the writen word.

So you are in my hometown in Funchal , if you came in from the harbor side you will reach the the centre of it were we see from the main road just in front, the cathedral "SE" ,build in name of king Miguel the first, if you look to your rigth there is a park with a small pond in the entrance with its residents , ducks, and my favorite on this street ;with a library on the grounds; the THEATRE.

On the mezzanine  floor you have the reception area with an atrium where some times you would exibit any art shows by the island residents, as you walk in the main lobby you see the marble stairs with a red carpet so soft you wish you could take your shoes off.

Let me guide you thru the first floor , where you have acess to the main box where the president of the island seats, there are boxes on the second as well , acess to the main galery is thru the mezzanine floor,  seats in a row of red velvet in a decor of white and gold, and stairs that lead to the stage were i had the pleasure of being so many times on school occasions.

It is here i came to see the musicals i love; the cinema from foreign countries such as china , sweeden, even france .W e have so many festival that are presented here, magical ,my best moments in live came from this place of culture and a gardering of friends of the written word, God , i have forgotten so many good moments...

My friends who work on the third floor who know me by first name(this is where the library is ), would tell you if they could that i spend most of my time in there,or in the background of the theatre.

I had my hidden spots, this was one of them.


The End

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