Norah jones per personnal choice in "shoot the moon " as i take you in a journey across the atlantic to a place where i use to inhabit, a place know as MADEIRA, to a small house in quiet neighbourhood of Lido , i am not making this names up, google it if you must.

I use to live here with my parents and 5 other siblings (my parents kept busy), for the total of 10 years, later we would move nearer to town , Funchal, and as i grew i remenber the feeling of a summer breeze on my cheecks as i walk on the beach side. It was a great place to be.!!  Swiming in the ocean , giggling beneath the waves and here where the happiness  existed in everyone that was there, family and strangers alike.

I remenber what it felt like to look above and see the sky full of stars so shinning you could almost reach with the finger tips of you hands (wishfull thinking of a child), ah!!...

I love home, i forgotten that.

So here is a very good reason to put down in writing a few words of praise to the place that gave me birth...

The End

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