As a background sound today i listen to " Footprints in the sand " by Leonna Lewis, not bad. In thinking of what to talk in this chapter and it came to mind that i have never told anyone about the reason why i sarted to write in the first place (not this story), well it started with the very begining i supose when one starts to be able to read therefor write. For those who bother the read a bit of who i am so far you would know that the little i saw of my family as i was growing up the better it would falter for me, so seating in any place reading and later on writing seemed like the safest thing to do and it brought me a lot of pleasure in such perilious times. So that was the begining, today because writing is must simpler than attempting to talk to others(and failing miserably), i continue.

There is a place in manchester, a museum i particulary like, my picture for this website cames from there ,the museum it is set in the manchester university and i go there at least twice a month just to be. I rest myself looking at all the diferent aspects of who we were where we came from and how we have grown ,it is my favorite place in this town , close call with  Sant Anne church.

I have a tendency in my day off to walk thru town late in the day before the sun sets and look at the buildings.

Well getting a bit of the subject here but just to say that was how i came to write, and today i am telling you of the why as well. Seriously i look back and remenber all that as  come to past , funny how ; you can do when you have no choice whatsoever !!

It is indered to the human condition to make lemonades out of lemons...

See you soon.

The End

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