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Sound in the background, Norah jones "i dont know why?". It seems apropriate with the words that are about to be put down.

Give me book by any author(disregard what is about), i am content, put me in a social event see me cringe,seriously; i dont normally drink not even socially,though if i have a beverage of choice, i would enjoy, it would have to be vodka.

Why do i even bother questioning myself about this part of me that is undeveloped?

Do i crave contact with others? Do i need reassurance?

I dont think the true answer lies in the question, it may not even be because of the question but simply of who i see ,my so called friends(they are!),simply do not realise what they ask of me.

I do not mention were i came from or what made me who i have became ,so it is not strange that they only ask what comes naturally to them.

I dont resent , i simply prefer to be alone, not always but mostly...

The End

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