Words Of No Importance

Only me.
Nothing more than that.

I am here listening to "me and mrs jones".

And  thinking that of all the places that I want to be right now this (my work) , isn`t on the  top of the list.

I feel disconnected to all.

So barefeet and just plain angry all the time.

I am going through a rough patch that is what I keep telling myself.

It does not lighten the burden any easier.

Being on my own is not an option as a way things happened.

  Through  the course of my life ,since i was little.

 I remenber being left alone to vend for myself.

Whatever the reasons were.

 Today I think the uncapacity to relate to other comes from there.

This place i live in today.

 England, is home not because who or a what but essentially it is not home.

 When every corner has a memory in my mind, most of them unpleasent.

Too much?

For me not nearly enough. 

I am in pain...

The End

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