Words are the Reason

I wrote this a little while ago, about a boy who broke my heart. Oh, how cliched. Nevertheless, although I am now over him, I am still in love with some of the poems I wrote about him. This is one of them.
In case you're wondering, yes, he WAS a guitarist.

Fingers slide down the strings
And I begin to fret
That there’s someone else
Listening to that intimate tune.
Your smile is cast behind me
But I daren’t turn to face her
Because I’m not that strong.
I curl up inside
And block it all out with your words.

Poetry collapses
In the wake of your voice
And I jam on headphones
So I can’t hear the pain.
You watch to check I’m watching
And I glance away from the truth
Because I don’t know how to lie.
I sing along inside
And try to remember the words.

You flicker between
Seeming confident in uncertainty
Breaking me further
From everyone I used to be.
My hands are cold
But I don’t want to cover my scars
Because they’re a part of me.
I run away inside
And try to forget your words.

The End

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