Western Planning NotesMature


Madeleine Blackwater: An outlaw.
Brody Easton:
Joe Gartner:
Lucy Graff: A prostitute.
Wenona Heathcote: 
Henry “Leary” Lear Jr.: An outlaw.
William “Bill” Lear: An outlaw.
James Jenkins:
Agatha Jones:
Wilbur Maddox:
Sarah Mallard:
Ambrose McNaughton: An outlaw. And an immortal.
Carver Modine: A newspaper writer.
Jed Oakland:
Glen O’Malley: An outlaw.
Delilah Quickley: 
Nicklas Shaughnessy:
Tawny Skinner: A prostitute.
Honey Sylvan: A prostitute.
Richard “Old Dicky” Tremane:
Edgar Vaughn:
John Wallace Jr.: A sheriff.
Rose Wilton:
Andrew Yates:


Wounded Canyon
River Fatal
Sierra Falling
Due West 

“Yep. Old Dicky Tremane. O’ course, Dicky Tremane ain’t old.”
“Then why do they call him that?”
“I reckon on account o’ him being smart. Or… maybe not smart, but… wise I s'pose. Even then, he ain’t too wise, he’s more… sneaky.”
Ah. So then I suppose people ought to call him Sneaky Dicky Tremane.”
“Well, maybe. But that name don’t roll off the tongue as slick.”

The End

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