To the Land of Lost SocksMature

The laundrette in Marksburg was open 24 hours a day. While it was convenient for night owls and insomniacs who felt like doing a wash late at night, or early in the morning, it was less so for the attendants who worked there. Yet as it was, Annie was there in the early morning. Doing a load of darks.

By now, the tumble dry cycle was coming to an end, and the laundromat employee had fallen asleep, although Annie could hardly blame her. Annie who sat across from the dryer, stood up when the machine made an inflammatory beep.

Her clothes had dried, so she opened the door. She began removing the luxuriantly warm fabric and then set upon folding every item. All of her clothes were pleated nicely; her shirts and her trousers. Finally she had come to her last pair of socks, but there was only one. The matching black and green striped sock was missing. She looked around her pile of clothes and was disquieted by having not found it.

She looked into the dryer, hoping she had neglected to pull out the sock, but alas she could not see it, for she wasn’t tall enough. Which meant it was most likely hidden at the back of the machine. Quite agitated already, Annie found that her chair was bolted to the floor so she could not use it to boost her self up, infuriating her further.

Yet, Annie tried to remain calm. She took a few breaths and looked to see if the laundrette lady was fast asleep. Indeed she was. Then Annie brought her hands to the rim of the door, and hoisted herself up to stick her head inside.

The dryer seemed empty.

She was about to give up, however cross it made Annie to lose one of her socks to her favourite pair, when she noticed a few loose fibres poking out between the sheet metal at the back of the machine.

Annie couldn’t quite reach, so she stepped on the door of the washing machine that the dryer was stacked upon, to bring her up higher. She grabbed the black threads, which she assumed belonged to her sock. And tugged.

Suddenly, the back of the dryer gave way, as she, and her snagged sock, were sucked through a portal. Annie was hurtling though the air, where the sky was bright as day; She screamed, as she discovered her surroundings no longer looked anything like a laundromat. Or even Marksburg for that matter. Fortunately she fell into a massive pile of socks. Unfortunately, in the middle of an anonymous vacant field far away from home. 

The End

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