A very brief two minute, starting piece that I wrote one night after realising how bored you can become online as well as how your mind can drift away

 And so there she was. Staring at a computer screen. Nothing much special going on in her life. The annoying, continuous buzzing of the hard drive was the equivalent of a broken tape. Staring mindlessly at a computer screen. Scrolling down the screen – infinite amount of useless goings on in everyday lives of others. What she’d have given for an intellectual conversation. Looked to her right into a full length mirror. Tied up hair; cotton shorts; a strap top. Comfortable at least. Nothing much special at all.

Orange juice. Three tall glasses, one of which had been broken, stood in an almost straight line along her desk. The large carton of juice to the left. Behind; two partly emptied bottles of water. Click. Youtube. The Script. Science and Faith. She thought the lyrics were interesting. Such an observation.  She smiled. Him. Such contrasts. Yet so many similarities. Science and Art.  Such contrasts. Yet so many similarities.

She stared at the mirror again. Third set of piercings on her ear lobes? Why not? It would only cost eight quid.

The End

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