woes of a grammar perfectionist

a sort-of rant inspired by celticcoo's 'what we don't like to see'.

As a teenage girl who read a freakish amount as a kid, I've always loved words. 

I've always known if the grammar in a sentence is wrong, always known if the spelling isn't quite right. I never had to study for spelling tests, because I knew, almost instinctively, how to spell.

I knew how to pronounce things (it got me in a lot of trouble when kids would pronounce something wrong and I would mutter the correct version under my breath), I knew how to use a word in a sentence (even if I can't quite define it), and I understand words.

So seeing someone put 'there' instead of 'their' (and vice versa) or 'it's' instead of 'its' makes me wince. No offence meant to the person who made the mistake, it just grates on my nerves. It makes me physically ill.

That's how badly I'm a perfectionist about this.

It's always annoyed me, how I was reading The Old Man and the Sea when other kids were reading Harry Potter, or how they'd be reading Daisy Wants a Pony or something, and I'd be reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

When they had their noses buried in Divergent, I was into The Poisonwood Bible.

Percy Jackson = To Kill a Mockingbird

Smile = The Outsiders

You get the point.

But it wasn't just advanced reading. It was different reading. When they were reading Archie comics, I was into manga, or Hawkeye.

I hate this. It's what makes my best friend insist that I'm actually really good at English, when I'm not. And I make mistakes all the time. They're just not ones that are glaring to me. Maybe they are to other people.

But I'm just an ordinary girl whose brain knows too much.

And I wish that wasn't true.

The End

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