Episode TenMature

Scene 1:

[Harry is in the middle of his Divination exam. He is staring into a crystal ball. Trelawney is sleeping  beside him.]

Harry:And I see, uh, Buckbeak-

[Trelawney snores loudly]

Harry:(s) No, he’s alive.

[Trelawney rolls over and falls onto the floor]

Harry:(stands up) You have sullied my honour for too long. (turns to leave) Good day.

Trelawney:(s) Wait!

Harry:I can’t I- did you just (s) swivel?

Trelawney:The Dark Lord lies alone and friendless, abandoned by his followers. His servant has been chained these twelve years. Tonight, before midnight, the servant will break free and set out to rejoin his master. The Dark Lord will rise again with his servant’s aid, greater and more terrible than ever before. Tonight… before midnight… the servant… will set out… to rejoin his master…

[Trelawney falls back asleep. Dramatic music.]

Harry:(eyes bright with unshed tears and whispers) I think I understand now, Professor.

[Harry leaves. Sad music.]

Scene 2:

 [Draco and the gang are sitting at the Slytherin table in the Great Hall.]

Draco:I think it would be good if you went for a (s) walk, Gregory.

Goyle:I suppose. But I am feeling quite-

Crabbe:Shh! It’s starting.

[Dumbledore sways in.]

Dumbledore:I think we all (s) know what this is about. (shouts) WHAT TIME IS IT?


[Theme music]

Dumbledore:That’s right! (s) This year, there’s been a change of the (dance move) rules.

[All students look around, confused.]

Dumbledore:I’m going to (s) choose one of you… randomly.

[All students gasp.]

Dumbledore:I choose… (s) you! (Points at Draco).


[Fudge comes in.]

Fudge:Albus, we’ve got to go kill that helpless animal now.

Dumbledore:Is that today?

[Fudge rolls his eyes and points to his watch.]

Dumbledore:Right. (Points dramatically) Alas, I must leave you (s) cherubs.

[Dumbledore flaps out. Fudge follows. Draco looks furious.]

Draco:(angrily) That filthy animal’s going to get it. (s) And Buckbeak.

[Dramatic music]

Scene 3:

[Harry and the gang are rushing towards Hagrid’s Hut.]

Ron:(furiously) Why do we have to go, Harry?

Hermione:(frustrated) Because Hagrid’s our friend, (s) Ron!

Ron:I was asking Harry, (s) Hermione.

Hermione:(angrily) You, Ron are such a f-

[Draco and the gang pop out of nowhere.]

Draco:(s) What are you-


[Hermione punches Draco in the face. He collapses to the ground and Crabbe and Goyle carry the unconscious Draco away, shooting dirty glances at Harry and the gang.]

Ron:Wow. That was so (s) beautiful, Hermione.

[Hermione and Ron stare at each other.]

Harry:Sorry, kind of zoned out there. What happened?

Hermione:(tears her eyes away) Don’t worry about it, Harry. (s) Let’s go!

[They go inside Hagrid’s Hut to find Hagrid sitting at his table, looking depressed.]

Hagrid:Oh, salutations. It is such a dreary day, isn’t it?

Harry:Hagrid, are you (s) okay?

Hagrid:(bursts into tears) HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND!

[Hagrid puts his head on the table.]

Ron:(pats Hagrid’s back) There, there…

Hagrid:(head still on the table) My eternal gratitude, Ronald. Your rat is right here. (Hands rat to Ron.) You are, after all, Harry’s best- (Puts head up) Harry. What are you doing here, Harry?

Harry:(s) Don’t worry, Hagrid. I am here in your time of (s) need.

Hagrid:Harry, do you really believe that it is a delightful suggestion to go gallivanting around the grounds when the notorious mass murderer Sirius Black is on the loose?

Harry:Who’s Sirius Black?

Ron:What’s an animagus?

Hagrid:(Pause) What has that-

Hermione’s voice:(offscreen, yet Hermione is plainly on screen) GET OUT OF THERE YOU NITWITS!

Hagrid:I must say what a delightful offer, Hermione.

Hermione:(s) But  I didn’t-

[Hagrid pushes them outside.]


Hermione:(s) What are we going to do now, Harry?

Harry:(pause) Let’s rescue Buckbeak!

[Dramatic music]

Ron:No! (s) Scabbers has (s) escaped!

Harry:(s and point) There he is!

[They run after him.]

Scene 4:

[Draco is lying on his bed in the Slytherin dormitories. Crabbe and Goyle are sitting beside him.]

Crabbe:(s) How are you feeling, Draco?

Draco:I feel (weak s)-

Goyle:(s) Horrid?

Draco:No I-

Scene 5:

[Harry and Hermione are outside the Weeping Willow. Rons screams can be heard coming from underneath it.]

Harry:(s) C’mon, Hermione!

Hermione:(s) WAIT!

Harry:(spins around angrily) How dare you command me.

Hermione:I’m just thinking… Crookshanks or no Crookshanks?

Harry:What are you talking about?

Hermione:Never mind. (s) Let’s burn this down.

[Shot of Harry and Hermione laughing with delight as they set the Whomping Willow on fire. Dramatic music.]

Scene 6:

[Return to Draco and the gang in the dorms.]

Crabbe:What just (s) happened?

Goyle:That was (s) weird.

Draco:Any way, I was-

Scene 7:

[In the Shrieking Shack. Harry and Hermione are standing over Ron, whose leg is bitten off.]

Hermione:(s) Holy newt eyes!

Harry:(s) Who did this to you, Ron?

Ron:(blubbering) Sirius Black!

[Hermione gasps. Harry looks confused]


Sirius:(steps out of the shadows and s) Me.

[Dramatic music]

Harry:(s) You!

Lupin:(enters and s) Me!

Hermione:(s) You!

Ron:(shouts angrily) MY FREAKING LEG IS CHEWED OFF.

[Dramatic music]

Scene 8:

[Back to the Slytherin dorms. Draco is sitting on his bed, arms crossed. Crabbe and Goyle both look confused.]

Crabbe:(s) What-

Scene 9:

[Back to the Shrieking Shack. Snape is in the corner, being “invisible”.]

Sirius:(s) Harry, I did not kill your father. (s) Your friends’ rat did. (s) And now, I SHALL AVENGE HIM!

Harry:I (s) believe you.

Hermione:(disbelieving) HARRY!

Harry:(spins to face Hermione) There’s something so likable about him. (s) But how?

Lupin:Just trust us, (s) Harry. I have proof.

[Harry nods to himself. Hermione looks furious.]

Hermione:Why should we trust (s)you? You’re a (s) WERE WOLF.

Lupin:It’s true. I’ve been hiding that part from for a (s) while now.

Harry:(puts hand on Lupins shoulder) It’s okay. I (s) understand.

Sirius:(s) Harry-

Harry:(s) Yes?

Sirius:I am your (ULTIMATE SWIVEL) father’s best friend.

Harry:(s) FATHER! (Harry rushes forward and hugs Sirius)

Snape:(pulls of cloak) Stop right there, Potter.

[Dramatic music.]


The End

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