Episode FourMature

Scene 1:

[Draco is sitting at the window of the hospital wing, staring at the Quidditch pitch, bandaged up.]

Draco: Oh, how I wish I could join them. (sighs) But alas, my injuries will not permit me.

[Madam Pomfrey appears, leading Crabbe and Goyle]

Pomfrey: See? I told you he wasn’t dead.

[Pomfrey leaves.]

Crabbe: (rushes to Draco’s side) Draco, are you okay?

Draco: CRABBE! (Draco embraces Crabbe) I missed you so much.

Crabbe: (flustered) I… missed you too. (Hugs back fiercely)

Goyle: It’s so good to see you (s) well.

[Long pause]

Draco: (s)… who are you?

[Dramatic music]

Scene 2:

[The Gryffindor team are getting a pep talk from Wood]

Wood: It’s rainy. (s) But the spirit of the Gryffindor house lives on.

[Entire team stands up and cheers]

Angelina: So… so inspring. (starts to sob)

Fred: Now let’s go out and win!

George: Put Hufflepuff in the bin!

[They go out chanting]

Harry: That was (s) glittertastic, Oliver.

Oliver:Just stay on your broom, Potter.

Scene 3:

[At the Quidditch pitch. It is raining. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are about to play. The two captains are shaking hands]

Harry:(to Fred and George) Who’s the Hufflepuff captain.

Fred:That is Cedric Diggory.

George:Notice how he’s so sparkly.

[Madam Hooch blows her whistle. The players start “flying” around]

Harry:Now where is the snitch? (Pause) (s) There is it! Oh, no, wait that’s just Diggory’s hair. Wait, there it is!

[Harry starts to chase the snitch and is led away from pitch. Suddenly a dog appears]

Harry:(s) My death has been foretold!

[The dog runs away at the sight of approaching Dementors]

Dementor 1:oh hay vampire

Dementor 2:ar wiu gonna have sex or wta

Dementor 3:yeh I toats no everything whers hagird

Harry:I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! (he fainst and falls off his broom)

[Cedric flies in and grabs snitch.]

Cedric:YES! (sees Harry) Oh, what a shame.

Dementor 1:hi, fello vamrpie

[Cedric screams and runs away.]

Scene 3:

[Draco is still sitting by the window. He is talking to Crabbe. Goyle is not there.]


Crabbe:(s) Yes?

Draco:Why do I remember you but not Goyle?

Crabbe:Maybe it’s because we have stronger (s) feelings for each other.

Draco:I don’t- (s) what’s that?

Crabbe:Huh? (turns around) That’s a fruit bowl.

Draco:But what’s in (s) it?

Crabbe:An… apple.


Scene 4:

[Harry is in the hospital bed. The Gryffindor Quidditch team and Hermione are gathered around. Hermione is holding the remnants of Harry’s broom)

Ron:(s) Is he breathing?

[Madam Pomfrey walks by]


[Pomfrey walks off. Harry wakes up]

Harry:What? I- Ron!

Ron:(s) Harry!

Harry:(s) Fred! (s) George!

Fred and George:(in unison and s) Harry!


Harry:(s) Oliver? Did we win?


Wood:No. Cedric got the snitch right after you fainted. Said he never saw you.



Harry:(s) Hermione!

Hermione:Your broom- somehow it (s) broke. (Shows pieces of broom) It fell into the Whomping Willow.

Harry:(s) But I was nowhere near the Whomping Willow.

Hermione:(frowns) Strange…

Ron:Why are there sparkles on it?

Harry:My Nimbus…

(Cuts to video montage of all the good times Harry had with his broom; flying with it, laughing with it, on a picinic with it by the lake)

Harry:I’d like to be alone (s) with the… remainders.

Ron:(s) I’ll stay for-


[Everyone troops out. Harry stares at broken pieces of broom. Tragic music]

Scene 6:

[Crabbe and Goyle are sitting in the Slytherin dorms]

Goyle:Crabbe, we’ve got to make him (s) remember me.

Crabbe:(s) I agree. He’s gone… weird. He won’t stop carrying around this apple.

Goyle:There must be something we can do. (s) Anything!


Crabbe:Well, we do know one thing that heals all wounds and mends all injuries.

Goyle:(s) What?

Crabbe:It’s risky but-

Goyle:But what? (s) What is it?

Crabbe:(s and long, dramatic pause) … Music.

[Dramatic music]

Scene 7:

[After a DADA class. Harry and the gang are packing up their books. Lupin is staring vacantly into space]

Harry:You go (s) ahead.

Ron:Fine then.

[Ron stomps out. Hermione hesitates, and then runs off after Ron]

Harry:Professor, can I (s) talk to you?

[Lupin does not move]

Harry:Awesome. (takes seat opposite Lupin) Did you hear about the match?

Lupin:(makes noise similar to: ) Euargh…

Harry:Then you would know about my… about my Nimbus (voice breaks)

[Lupin continues to stare at nothing]

Harry:The Dementors, (s) why do they affect me so? Worse than (s) others? Is it because the Dementors feed off bad memories and I have more than others, since my mother was killed before my eyes?

[Lupins head slumps a little]

Harry:Wow. (Pause) Also, Professor, do you think you can teach me how to defend myself against (s) Dementors?

[Nothing happens]

Harry:Sweet. Next term it (s) is.

[Harry goes away. Lupin jumps in his seat]

Lupin:Huh? Must have fallen asleep. (Pause) Meh.

[Lupin goes back to sleep]

Scene 8:

[Draco is under a tree, intensely staring at an apple. Crabbe and Goyle come along, each respectively holding a bass and a violin.]


Draco:(s) What? Can’t you see I’m busy?

Crabbe:There’s something we’d like to (s) play for you.

Goyle:We call it “Draco Really Acts Perfectly- Perhaps Lately it’s Enough”.

[Endure roughly three minutes of pure noise. Moment of silence follows]

Draco:(s) Gregory!

[Draco hugs Goyle. Goyle hugs back. Crabbe decides to join in. Friendship music]

Scene 9:

[In Gryffindor common rooms. Harry and Ron are playing cards, Hermione is reading and Ginny is sitting by the fire, staring at Harry. Dean and Seamus rush up]

Dean:(s) Guess- oh hey, Ginny.

Ginny:(blushes and mumbles something) Hey.

Harry:(testily) What do you want, (s) Dean?

Seamus:There’s a (s) Hogsmeade trip next weekend!

[Everyone stands up and cheers, except for Harry]

Ron:(s of concern) Harry?

Harry:(blinking back tears) I’m happy for you Ron.

[Fred and George sidle up to Harry]

Fred:There, there Harry dear, don’t be so glum.

George:We’ll let you have your bit of fun.

[Fred and George sidle off screen sideways]

Harry:(s) Could it be…?

[Dramatic music]

Ron:What’s an animagus?


The End

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