Great TimingMature

After a short drive through the shopping and fast-food district of North Canton, we turned off and into a heavily forested area. Another turn and I saw a small, unassuming little Baptist church standing in the clearing.

But then I saw something that I did not like.

For some bizarre and backwards reason, the church parking lot was packed. People were standing around the entrance, not dressed-up enough for it to be a wedding.

“Huh,” Nick said with an irritated undertone. “This is kind of awkward.”

“What are they doing here? Church is on Sunday, isn’t it?” My voice was extra sharp due to the increasing sexual frustration.

We drove through the lot and stopped in a deserted area near the back. Unfortunately we were still in clear view, and there were just too many cars for me to be okay with this.

Nick watched my expression for a few silent moments. “So, what do you want to do?” he tried to hide the smile on his face.

“There’s too many people…” I sighed. “We’d be caught for sure.”

“Home, then?” he asked, already putting the car back in gear.

“As quickly as possible.” I added, shaking my head but laughing nonetheless. “Sorry, hun.”

“No worries, it would be way too rushed and uncomfortable. We’ll get you and your stuff into my room… Immediately,” he added with a smile.

I smiled back, and laughed as he pulled my hand back onto his hard-on.

We arrived at his home in no time at all, and I smiled as I got out of the car and looked at it; a dark brick exterior, with neutral, light colors on the door, shutters, and garage. Nick hit a button in his car and the garage door went up with a dull whirring sound.

“Need help with your stuff?” he asked, clearly in a rush.

“Yes, you can take these,” I said, smiling and handing him my smaller bag and pillow to carry. We headed through the garage and in the door, me in front of him. He slapped my behind and I squeaked.

As I entered the house, I could barely contain my happiness. “Hello!” I called, sure that Nick’s grandparents, Karen and Ron, would be home. Sure enough, I could see the backs of their heads on the couch in the living room.

Karen gasped and stood up, still healthy and active for her age. “Sarah! Hello!” she said, and we hugged. “How are you?”

“Great now, thanks.” I smiled, and looked beyond her to see Ron, slower and far more aged due to years of smoking. “Hi, Ron!”

“Hello there, young lady.” he said in his deep, raspy voice. “It’s good to see you again. How was your trip?”

“Too long, as always,” I laughed, putting my things down and hugging him as well. “But I’m here now.”

“For over three weeks!” Karen said. “Oh, it’s going to be so nice having another woman in the house for so long! You came at a great time for us, because Ron‘s having surgery on his neck. I‘m going to need you around to take my mind off of worrying about it.”

I heard a small sigh from behind me, and remembered that Nick had been in a hurry to get me ‘settled in‘.

“We will have to go out and do stuff while Nick’s at work.” she continued, moving aside so her grand son could get by. He started to head upstairs, pressuring me to escape conversation and follow.

“Definitely! Well, I’m going to go put my stuff upstairs…” I said, smiling at the two of them and getting by with my things. I turned the corner and went up the stairs after Nick, happy as can be.

“Let me know if you kids get hungry!” Karen called after us. I laughed at that because I had never seen Karen cook during any of my visits. In this house, being hungry was usually solved by a delivery or a stop at a fast-food place.

As I found my way to Nick’s room at the end of the hallway, I entered and immediately took a deep breath. His room always smelled amazing; fresh but masculine, like someone had used a fine cologne for Febreze. It was a smell I often associated with cuddling, and especially a smell I related to sex. This room was where the magic happened most of the time, on his queen-sized bed. His room was always very neat, though I knew that would change after a few days, when my clothes would be all over the floor because I lived out of my duffel bag. He was definately OCD, but he didn't mind my messiness.

His bed was in the middle of the far wall to my left, with a large painting of a gazebo and garden above it, as well as a nightstand and a lamp on either side. On the adjoining wall, a large standing clothes rack blocked the window; it was filled with all of Nick’s shirts, which were organized; colored formal shirts, then whites, blacks, and finally colors. On the wall with the door to the room was a vanity and dresser, upon which were a few pictures, deoderant and Axe, and Nick’s jewelry; a chain, a bracelet, his class ring, and an ear stud for his pierced ear. Finally on the last wall was his own personal bathroom with a shower, a place we had often shared and enjoyed together.

All of this only took a moment to take in, as it was the way it always was and hadn’t changed. I turned my attention to Nick, who was just setting my things down on the floor nearby the bed. I joined him and placed my duffel bag and purse there after shutting and locking the door.

Once our hands were free, we were on each other, kissing and groping, smiling and moaning gently. My favorite part, the part that makes spending thirteen hours on a bus worthwhile.

“Clothes. Off. Now.” he growled, taking his own shirt off quickly. I stripped down to my bra and panties in a matter of seconds, and he wrapped his arms around my back. We stood, our foreheads against each other as he fumbled with my bra, while I fumbled with his worn out belt.

He smiled. “I hate bras,” he whispered. “I can only ever get one clasp unhooked.”

“I hate belts,” I retorted, slipping one hand behind my back to easily unhitch the other clasp.

Eventually we got everything off, and I was pushed onto the bed with a yelp of surprise from me. Because this story isn’t all about the sex (though it’s certainly part of it), I’ll save the steamy details. All I’ll say is that he was, metaphorically, starving, and after he had sated his hunger, he took me like he had at least a hundred times before. After I cleaned up, we lay there on top of his covers in that post-euphoric bliss, where you just want to snuggle.

Come to think of it, I think that is the part that makes all the bus trips and transfers worthwhile.

The End

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