Witch HuntMature

This is one of my pieces that I wrote for my A-Level English.

Blacked out set. Three blocks lay Centre Stage, shape of a triangle, resemble ruins. Two high blocks are placed at Stage Left and Stage Right as dead trees.

Beast-Girl: (off stage, animalistic) They say that I was evil, you know (long pause).  Ones with the devil… Said we all were. (Cackles/laughs. White light flashes to show danger and that the Beast-Girl’s crazy).

The Beast-Girl enters Stage Left like an animal preparing for a fight, hisses to audience, moving closer to the first row. The girl’s in rags; ripped and dirty, her hair is out of control and there’s blood mixed in with mud on her. She is more beast than human shown through her quick movements of being cautious; looking frightful but dangerous. Light changes to dim showing a more nervous and cautious Beast-Girl.

Beast-Girl: Maybe they were right.

Leaps back like a scared cat, crouching on one of the blocks Centre Stage, looking like a scared girl.

Beast-Girl: (Whimpers, shaking and small) They came after us in the dead of night with pointy pitchforks and flamed touches like we were some kind of threat to them… Like we were going to cause them harm. (Cackles, white light flashes).

Beast-Girl howls, lights change back to dim. She jumps onto the blocks, leering like a predator, snarling at the audience. Keeps moving on the blocks, never takes her gaze away from the audience.

Beast-Girl: (Howls painfully) A week before they took my mother. (Head snaps Stage Right, tone’s spiteful) Witch!

Beast-Girl: (Looks back to audience. Howls again) Before that; my grandmother. (Head snaps Stage Left, tone spiteful) Witch!

Beast-Girl: (Walks to the first row of the audience, limbs moving like a panther. Tone’s full of spite and resentment) Then they came for me and my sister. (howls) Witch!

Stands dead straight, face dead-pan, head twitches after every word. Words become faster.

Beast-Girl: Witch… Witch… Witch. Witch, witchwitchwitchwitch (Snarls/screams) WITCH!

Beast-Girl: (Howls, falls to the floor, cautiously moving backwards, whimpering in a muttered voice.) Witch. Witch. Witch.

Once at the blocks, Beast-Girl cackles again. White lights flash.

Beast-Girl: (Stands up, ready to attack, giggling. Her lips turn into a twisted smile to go with the girls’ twisted face.) Which witch is which?

Howls and the lights turn back.

Beast-Girl: All of the village surrounded us…

Whole cast enters, stage crowded to resemble over-crowding. They’re dressed as simple village folk, looking scared and angry whilst holding weapons. Some cough, showing illness, some mutter to themselves whilst others yell things like; ‘Witch’, ‘Devil’ and ‘Hoe.’ There’s another girl, the same age as the beast-girl, who stands on the blocks looking frightened. Beast-Girl jumps onto the blocks, protective over sister as the villages surround them.

Beast-Girl: (Hisses) Then some of them took my sister…

Sister screams as some villages pull her any from the blocks and take her to Stage Left.

Beast-Girl: (Beast-Girls’ hand goes to reach for her, both faces worried and scared) We- We didn’t know what to do. The whole town has turned on us just like they did to the other members of our family… We thought that we were different… That we were understood and loved!

One man, dressed more richly than the others showing that he’s in charge the mayor. He stands up on a high block Stage Left.

The Mayor: We are here, yet again, to rid us of this vermin; of this disease which is the Devil! (points to Beast-Girl) Too long have our crops been destroyed, our children becoming ill, our luck damaged because of these witches! (crowd yells out) Now, after many years of fighting, the government and its people will join to rid us of this evil! Together; we crucify these witches and rejoice as a community! Together; all of our injustices will be removed as these devils burn and all of the poison of their lies of corruption will burn with them!

Sister: (Frantically, trying to fight off the villagers) Don’t listen to him! He lies! The government lies! Don’t list-

The Mayor gestures of cutting off his head, black out. The sister screams in pain and so does Beast-Girl.

As lights come back on, only the Beast-Girl left looking defeated and alone.

Beast-Girl: (Looking down at her feet) They killed her because she told the truth… They tried to kill me… (Head snaps up so she’s looking towards audience) But I killed them first! I killed them all!

Light flashes white, Beast-Girl cackles loudly. A loud band sounds making the lights go dim and the Beast-Girl hisses, scurries off Stage Right.


The End

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