Chapter 2

  I'm frozen on the first stair. I wasn't being paranoid. Someone is watching me. And they're in the house. Oh God, this is scary.

  It's like one of the most horror movies. Quietly I put on foot back to the base of the stairs. Slowly I pull my other foot down. I wince. This house is too old. The floorboards creak to much.

  I hold my breath as the shuffling upstairs stops. It's like we're both holding our breaths, daring the other to exhale first.

"Who's there?" a man calls. It's unmistakably a man. His voice is very deep.

  I don't answer. I can hear footsteps upstairs. They're heading this way. This is bad. There's more than one. What do they want?

  Move, a voice yells from the back of my head. The running accelerates. I know I should move. They'll probably do something bad to me if I don't. I can't make my legs move. It's like they're welded to the floor.

  The footsteps stop. I look up from my feet. Two men are standing at the top of the stairs staring at me. I stare back for a minute. I inhale. It's now or never.

"Grab her," the taller man growls. It's the same person who spoke before.

  I drop my suitcases and race to the door. I'm closer to the door than they are. I'll be able to get out of here first.

  I scream as an arm wraps round my waist. I stumble and fall down. The person behind me falls on top of me. Neither of us had enough time to find our balance.

  I can feel the man's breath on the back of my neck. He's panting hard, but he hasn't run that far. But, mind you, running down stairs and catching up with me does take a lot of energy.

  I'm frozen under the stranger. I'm not so much scared as I am stunned. This person is incredibly fast. There's a lot of stairs and I had a head start. He shouldn't have caught me so quickly.

  The man pushes himself off me, then hauls me up after him. I'm still shocked, so I don't notice where he taking me. At first anyway. He is taking further in to the house.

  I shove myself against him, hoping he's surprised and will let go. He holds me firmly, hardly noticing. He kicks open a door. The other man hasn't followed us. So there's only one.

  I take a deep breath and scream. A hand clamps down over mouth, cutting my scream short. His hand is very big, covering my mouth and nose. I can't breath.

  I try and wiggle out of his grip, but he's holding on tight. The man grunts, trying to pin me down.

"Stay still," he says. His voice is higher than the other mans'.

"She's going to stop moving when she dies," the other man says.

   I jump. I didn't even notice he'd entered the room. What does he mean when I'm dead? No way. They're planning to kill me? I start to struggle harder. My chest is hurting. I need to breath soon.

  The deeper-voiced man points at me. "You're cutting off her airways, idiot," he chuckles.

  The man holding me looks down. He slips his hand off my nose.

"Sorry, you okay?" he asks. If they're going to kill me why does he sound so concerned? It's confusing.

"She probably thinks we're going to kill her now," the man not holding me says. I've decided to name this man A and the man holding me B.

"Let's just get this over with," B mumbles.

  He sits me down on a chair, hand still covering my mouth.

"Do you promise not to scream?" B asks me. I nod. This person seems gullible.

  B takes his hand away from my mouth. I scream. A hand clamps back down on my mouth. I'm not sure who's it is. It's too dark in this room.

"Hey, you promised," B accuses me. He makes it sound like I've done something wrong. "Scream again and you'll regret."

"Since when did you start threatening people?" A grumbles. He's further back in the room. B must have his hand over my mouth.

"Listen, girl. Did you know it's illegal to trepass?" B asks me, ingoring A.

  I glare at him. Or rather, where I think he is. Me trepassing? He's the one who broke in to my house and broke something upstairs. A chuckles. I turn to glare in the direction the laugh came from.

"She's a keeper," A notes.

"What's your name?" B queries.

  He slowly removes his hand from my mouth. I turn back to glare at the supposed place he is in.

"As if my name is of any concern. And don't go preaching me on trepassing," I rant. "You break into my house, kidnap me and ask why I'm trepassing! Who the hell are you anyway?"

"I see," A murmers. I almost don't hear him.

  A light comes on. It temporarily blinds me. I blink and look around. I recongnize this room. It's grandma's room of mirrors. The light is thrown every where in this room.

  I look at A and B. A is an old man. He's got fluffy white hair. He's wearing old styled clothing. His face is taunt, eyes soft, lips pulled into a straight line. His hand is on the  switch.

  I look at B. My mouth falls open to mirror his. He doesn't look that much older than me. He's good looking as well. Dark hair, eyes to match. At least this one is dressed normally.

"We have to talk," A says quietly. "You must be Emilia."

The End

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